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Dangerous & Defective Children's Toys


Defective children’s toys often end up causing injury, or even death, to infants who use them due to their young age and general inexperience. Manufacturers still constantly produce defective toys, even though there are numerous rules and regulations they have to adhere to when creating the products. The manufacturers may have been given incorrect specifications, the retailer may have damaged the toy, or the manufacturing process may have created a defect in the product. There are any number of possibilities as to how your child was injured by a defective toy; we will get to the bottom of it. Our team of California product liability lawyers will work day and night to hold the responsible party accountable and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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At Frantz Law Group, our team of California product liability attorneys know the ins and outs of this field of law. We have been successfully representing wronged clients for decades and we are extremely familiar with all aspects of product liability law. Our personal injury lawyers know the regulations, industry standards, laws, forms, overseeing authorities, and experts associated with this specific legal area.

Since we were founded, we recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. Our vast resources, extensive knowledge, and undying passion for helping our clients are what help us get these results. Above all, we do not want to see another child fall victim to defective products. Filing a suit against a toy manufacturer may save another child’s life. You have the power to make a difference and we have the ability to help you.

Several common ways children are injured by defective toys are:

  • Choking on a toy that has improperly small parts
  • Getting cut by a toy that is too sharp or pointed
  • Fracturing bones on an unstable product
  • Swallowing harmful liquid in a defective toy

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