Victims in train accident to receive compensation

Trains are heavy, powerful and can travel extremely fast. These large vehicles have one important limitation; they must remain on railroad tracks in order to travel. As long as the wheels of the trains stay affixed to the tracks, they pose little danger most people. However, when a train derails, everyone from its passengers to […]

What kinds of warning devices are used at railroad crossings?

Railroad companies run trains throughout California. Some of these trains carry passengers while others strictly transport cargo. The tracks on which these trains travel often intersect with roads at railroad crossings. It is absolutely vital that motorists and pedestrians be made aware when a train is approaching a crossing. A serious or even fatal accident […]

In spite of safety precautions, train accidents still occur

There are many safety devices located along railroad tracks that can help alert and protect occupants of motor vehicles. Crossings generally have gates that lower as trains approach and keep traffic from going over the tracks. There are also flashing lights and bells that sound and provide even more warning that a train is in […]

Many railroads still unable to install technology before deadline

A train accident can reap incredible devastation. When a train goes off the tracks or collides with another vehicle, the damage caused will likely be extensive. Worst of all, train accidents can cause many people to suffer serious or fatal injuries. So, in an effort to decrease the likelihood of such catastrophes, the federal government […]

How are railroad accidents categorized and reported?

Almost any accident involving a train has the potential to cause serious injuries and tremendous damage. When an incident involving a train occurs, it is important that the event be reported to the proper authorities. As such, the Federal Railroad Administration requires railroads to submit what are called Incident/Accident reports to inform the commission of any notable […]

Derailments are leading cause of train accidents

On the whole, trains can provide people with very safe transportation. But when a train derails, these heavy cars can crush almost anything in their path. Passengers aboard derailed train cars have little defense against any impact that they may endure. The excessive level of harm and damage that can be caused by a train […]

What information do train engineers get from signal lights?

Any Californian who has been near a moving train can likely attest that these large and powerful vehicles can generate a great deal of noise when in motion. The rumble of the wheels on a set of tracks and the sound of a train’s whistle can act as clear warning signals to those near train […]

Lack of communication between trucks and trains creates danger

When a vehicle gets stuck on the tracks of a railroad crossing, the potential for injuries and damage cannot be underestimated. Should a train collide with a vehicle, not only is that vehicle almost certain to be destroyed, but there is the threat that the train may derail as well. If the train in question […]

Car-train accidents in California raise questions about safety

Recently in Ventura County, there were two separate incidents in which vehicles were struck by trains. In the first incident, a train crashed into a pickup truck that had a trailer. The truck and trailer had gone on to the tracks and apparently become stuck. The collision resulted in the derailing of three train cars. […]

Trains are useful and potentially dangerous

When we say something is “bearing down like a freight train,” the meaning is quite clear. The image of a train is often invoked to describe a frightening, unstoppable force. The reason for this is obvious; trains are powerful vehicles that once in motion, do not stop easily. This is why we must always approach […]