Any Californian who has been near a moving train can likely attest that these large and powerful vehicles can generate a great deal of noise when in motion. The rumble of the wheels on a set of tracks and the sound of a train’s whistle can act as clear warning signals to those near train crossings and to engineers on board other trains. Because train collisions can cause serious injuries, it is vital to pay attention to all signals that indicate when trains are close by.

But the sounds made by trains are not the only important warnings. Signal lights also provide vital information regarding the presence of trains. Train engineers depend heavily on signal lights as a means of communication.

But what can signal lights tell engineers? Well, the lights can perform a couple of different functions. First, the lights can inform engineers as to which track they should be traveling on. The signal lights can also let an engineer know if there are any obstacles ahead on the track the train is traveling on. If lights indicate that such is the case, an engineer should know to begin slowing the train in order to stop.Since signal lights play such an essential role in relaying critical information to engineers, it is incumbent upon railroad companies to make sure the lights always function properly. A serious accident could occur should an engineer be on the wrong track or be unable come to a timely halt due signal light failure A train collision could cause train passengers and those in the train?s path to suffer catastrophic injuries.If you or a family member are ever involved in a train accident that was due to the negligence of a train company, a California personal injury attorney may be able to help you get compensation.