Issues in mass train accidents

Accidents involving trains are among the most devastating and difficult issues to litigate. Most train accidents involve dozens if not hundreds of victims, many of whom could be severely injured or even dead. Additionally, there are multiple layers of liability and responsible parties. This post will go over the issues in litigation train accidents and how they might affect […]

System hacks could lead to train accidents

Movies abound that contain scenes of runaway trains. This is understandable as a train barreling down the tracks with no one at the helm is one of the most frightening things imaginable. But of course, thanks to modern safeguards, such a thing could never really happen today, right? Well, actually, there is a possibility that […]

Passenger and pedestrian injuries in train accidents

While train accidents may not seem as common in the United States, they still result in devastating injuries endangering the lives of countless passengers. Though they are rare, train accidents throughout history have been horrific. Serious injuries and death may result from a train accident. The crash may be caused by a number of factors […]

Train kills young man but reason remains unknown

When a person dies after being hit by a car, truck or other vehicle, loved ones typically rally around each other and struggle through the senselessness and the suddenness. They try to remember the good times and find a way to smile again. But there is not a chance for closure when questions remain unanswered […]

What causes train derailments?

We’ve all heard stories or read reports about train crashes. Typically, these accidents are either caused by an object such as a car on the tracks or a train derailment. As a passenger of a vehicle, it should be relatively easy to avoid being hit by a train; just don’t get caught sitting on the […]

Perception of large, slow moving objects may cause accidents

Contrary to popular belief, it is not always driver inattention that causes car-train accidents. While inattention may lead to some accidents, there are several other factors that may go into train crossing collisions. One of the most surprising causes of car-train accidents may be human perception. Even if we as drivers are paying close attention […]

Trail derailments more likely when track maintenance is lacking

Because of their size and power, trains can cause extraordinary damage when they derail. Anything in the path of a train will almost certainly be destroyed. And when people are involved in such accidents, they will typically suffer very serious or fatal injuries. Derailments are the most common type of train accidents. There are a […]

California train accident sends nine to hospital

Officials have remarked it was a miracle that there were no fatalities in a recent train accident that took place in Sunol, California. According to reports, an Altamont Corridor Express train derailed and spilled into a nearby creek. Information posted on the ACE website states that the derailment resulted due to a mudslide that pushed […]

Climate change may be causing railroad track damage

Railroad tracks have to be sturdy to withstand the stress caused by supporting heavy trains. And it is not uncommon for tracks to become damaged through the wear and tear of normal use. So for this reason, it is imperative that railroad companies carry out routine checks and maintenance of the tracks upon which their […]

Train operators have two critical signals to observe

Given that it takes a train a long time to slow to a stop, it is critical for train operators to pay strict attention to railroad signals. These signals, which are placed at key locations alongside railroad tracks, give the engineer’s instructions based on the conditions that lay ahead. There could be any number of […]