Because of their size and power, trains can cause extraordinary damage when they derail. Anything in the path of a train will almost certainly be destroyed. And when people are involved in such accidents, they will typically suffer very serious or fatal injuries.

Derailments are the most common type of train accidents. There are a number of reasons a train could leave its tracks. Sometimes it happens when a train is traveling too fast, especially around curves.

Damaged rails could also be responsible for accidents. Sometimes wear and tear will cause tracks to come loose or misaligned. And even the weather can contribute to track damage. As we wrote in a previous post, extreme heat can cause the tracks to buckle and form what are known as “sun kinks.”

With so many possible ways in which railroad tracks can become damaged and hazardous, it is incumbent upon railroad companies to make routine inspections and repairs. And if a company’s demonstrative negligence results in a derailment or other serious accidents, it should be held accountable.

Train accident victims and their families often face tremendous hardships. Those who are injured may require extensive care and might never fully recover. And families who lost loved ones have to contend with unbelievable grief.

And in addition to the emotional toll, victims and families will also be left needing money to pay for medical expenses and perhaps funeral costs. We at the Frantz Law Group have experience representing clients who have suffered tragedy related to catastrophic accidents. We understand how to help people get the money they need for their recovery. You can read about our approach and successes on the pages of this website.