Officials have remarked it was a miracle that there were no fatalities in a recent train accident that took place in Sunol, California. According to reports, an Altamont Corridor Express train derailed and spilled into a nearby creek. Information posted on the ACE website states that the derailment resulted due to a mudslide that pushed mud along with a tree and other debris onto the track.

The train was carrying over 200 passengers when the derailment occurred. The Alameda County Fire Department reported that nine of the passengers were taken to hospitals and that four of those passengers suffered serious, but likely non-life-threatening, injuries.

While there is no reported debate that the mudslide played a key role in the accident, the specifics of the derailment are still under scrutiny. Investigators are trying to figure out if there was mud on the tracks before the train’s arrival or if the mud struck the train broadside.

And while it’s great news that no one was killed and only a small percentage of the 200 passengers on board needed hospitalization, there is still the matter of the health and well-being of those injured that must be addressed. Because of the nature of train accidents, it is not uncommon for victims to suffer severe or fatal injuries.

Serious injuries caused by train accidents can reshape the lives of victims and their families. Expenses for care and treatment can prove extremely costly. Moreover, there are costs associated with rehabilitation and time lost from work to consider.

If you or a family member has been injured in a train accident, it is very important that you receive compensation that is appropriate to your needs. A California personal injury attorney could help you assess your situation and represent your interests in pursuing fair recompense.

Source: Marin Independent Journal, “ACE train derailment: ‘Miracle’ rescue described on morning after plunge into Niles Canyon creek,” Mark Gomez, March 8, 2016