On the whole, trains can provide people with very safe transportation. But when a train derails, these heavy cars can crush almost anything in their path. Passengers aboard derailed train cars have little defense against any impact that they may endure.

The excessive level of harm and damage that can be caused by a train derailment was clearly demonstrated by the recent Amtrak train accident which took place in Philadelphia. No less than six people lost their lives in that incident and 140 more were injured. But while the Philadelphia derailment stands out due to its magnitude, it was but one of several train accidents that have occurred this year.

Derailments are easily the most recurrent source of train accidents in the U.S. A train derailment can be caused in a number of ways. According to the Federal Railroad Commission, broken rails and welds are the leading cause, followed by track geometry and bearing failure.

The Philadelphia derailment serves as a grim reminder of the devastation that can be left in the wake of a train accident. Victims of train accidents may be killed or suffer serious injuries. It is important for train companies to prevent derailments. This means that both tracks and trains should be routinely inspected and repaired.

If you or someone in your family have been harmed in a train accident, a California personal injury attorney may be able to help you get compensation. By investigating the circumstances of the accident, the attorney could possibly find grounds for a civil lawsuit.