Almost any accident involving a train has the potential to cause serious injuries and tremendous damage. When an incident involving a train occurs, it is important that the event be reported to the proper authorities. As such, the Federal Railroad Administration requires railroads to submit what are called Incident/Accident reports to inform the commission of any notable events as part of the railroad’s monthly report.

So what sorts of events inspire inclusion in an Incident/Accident report? Railroads must report all incidents, including derailments and collisions that involve on-track equipment and cause damage above a certain threshold.

When reporting an incident, railroad accidents are broken down into these three broad categorizations:

The information contained in Incident/Accident reports may also be used by attorneys to help their clients when investigating train accidents. Train accidents can be responsible for causing serious or fatal injuries. Should you or a family member be involved in a collision with a train, a California personal injury attorney may be able to help you get compensation for your expenses and suffering.