What Happens After a Wildfire: Resources for Victims

Wildfires are a devastating phenomenon that have become increasingly common in California. Not only can a wildfire leave a path of destruction, but it can also alter ecosystems and cause significant changes in the burned areas. Wildfires are destructive and can cause mass chaos for those living in fire-prone areas. If you or someone you […]

What Is the Cost of California’s Wildfires?

The wildfires raging through California have cost more than $3.3 billion so far, according to the calculations of 15 different insurers. As high as that number may be, it is expected to rise, says the California Department of Insurance. Northern California suffered serious fire damage back in the beginning of October, and the start of […]

Have You Been Affected by the California Fires?

If you or a loved one has been involved or affected by the recent California wildfires, it is important you don’t face this difficult time alone. Our California wildfire attorneys won’t take advantage of you throughout this process, because we understand just how much is on the line. The recent California wildfires left countless Californians […]

California Utility Companies Prohibited from Charging Ratepayers for Damage Caused by Wildfires

Several utility companies, including PG&E, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison, requested permission to charge ratepayers for fire-related costs not covered by insurance. This amount tallied to $379 million. However, in a recent decision, the California Public Utilities Commission denied the request. The utility companies are now having to absorb the costs […]