The wildfires raging through California have cost more than $3.3 billion so far, according to the calculations of 15 different insurers. As high as that number may be, it is expected to rise, says the California Department of Insurance. Northern California suffered serious fire damage back in the beginning of October, and the start of December brought scorching flames to areas near Los Angeles. So far a total of 10,016 homes have been damaged, another 4,712 have been completely lost, not to mention the 728 commercial properties and 3,200 automobiles lost.

The Property Damage

Wildfires can be extremely damaging, and have been known to burn homes completely to the ground, leaving nothing behind. Whether your home was completely lost or partially burned, the damage sustained can be difficult to deal with. Along with the loss of the home itself, you could have lost collectibles, jewelry, automobiles, and other costly possessions. These expenses can be extremely high, and they might not be completely covered by your insurance.

The Personal Loss

Not only is your home likely one of your biggest investments, it is also your home, a comforting place full of memories and priceless possessions. When you lose your home, there is only so much money can do to restore your losses to you. Inside your home your family photos, heirlooms, and treasured possessions were likely damaged or completely lost. While it may be possible to seek monetary compensation for these losses, the sad truth is they can never truly be replaced.

What’s Next?

If your home, commercial property, or vehicle was damaged in the California fires, our firm wants to help. Although your insurance company might cover some of the damage from the fires, it likely will not cover the entire cost. And insurance won’t compensate you for the emotional distress you have suffered or for the total upheaval in your life. What you need is an experienced wildfire lawyer who can fight for your right to compensation after a natural disaster.

Likewise, if you lost someone you loved during the fires, our firm can help you with the legal process to help you obtain compensation for your loss.

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