A fatal truck accident in July has led to a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and his employers.

Family alleges trucker was inexperienced and trucking companies were negligent

The family of a man who was killed after a big-rig truck plowed into 10 cars on Highway 17 in Los Gatos in July has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and the trucking companies, according to KION News. The fatal truck accident occurred when the truck driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into numerous cars which were stuck in traffic. The family of the deceased man claims that the driver was inexperienced and that the trucking companies should not have allowed him to navigate the highway, which is known for producing other large and deadly crashes.

Negligence alleged

According to KSBW News, a number of trucking companies connected with the big rig are named in the lawsuit. The suit alleges that the companies were negligent in hiring, supervising, and training the driver. At the time of the crash, the driver only had three months of driving experience.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the truck’s brakes were not working properly. Tragically, this is the second time the family has lost a son in a motor vehicle accident. Their eldest son died six years ago on Highway 5.

Highway safety questioned

Highway 17 is known as a particularly dangerous highway that has produced a number of large wrecks. According to the victim’s family, they want their lawsuit to send a message to trucking companies to only start using experienced drivers on this notorious stretch of highway and on other similarly dangerous roads.

Although Caltrans has made a number of safety improvements to the highway in recent years, the family believes that more should be done. They are pushing for more inspections, a grading system for truck drivers, and an improved training program.

Accident lawsuits

As this case shows, motor vehicle accidents, especially when they involve large trucks, can lead to catastrophic and at times fatal results for innocent victims. For the victims of such accidents, the emotional and physical pain can be almost unbearable. Furthermore, the financial burden created by such accidents, such as medical expenses and loss of income, can end up making a terrible situation even worse.

Victims of such accidents need not suffer alone. While legal action can never undo the physical and emotional damage caused by a wreck, it can ease the financial toll created by a negligent driver. Anybody injured in a motor vehicle accident should contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away. Such an attorney can help victims hold a negligent party accountable and fight for compensation.