San Diego pedestrians typically understand the importance of keeping a keen eye out for traffic. Likewise, bus drivers should always drive very carefully when pedestrians are about. A pedestrian caught in the path of a moving bus is instantly in very grave danger. Buses are very large, powerful vehicles and a pedestrian who is hit by a bus could be seriously injured or even killed.

Recently in San Diego, a 66-year-old woman was fatally injured when she was struck by a bus as she was crossing the street. It is reported that at the time of the accident, the woman was following the signal light and legally crossing through the crosswalk. As the woman was crossing, a 20-passenger bus turned onto the street. Apparently the driver failed to see the woman and a collision ensued. The woman later died at the hospital, having suffered major head trauma. As of the writing of this post, an investigation was being conducted by Traffic Division.

In such cases, there are several reasons a thorough investigation must be conducted. For one thing, it is in the public’s best interest that the accident’s cause be determined so that steps can be taken to minimize the risks of similar incidents in the future. Also, if the deceased has a family, they have a right to know how and why their loved one died.

An accident investigation can also demonstrate liability. Proof of liability can be used to help the family of the deceased secure compensation for their loss. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one in an accident involving a bus or other form of mass transit, you may wish to contact a California attorney who handles serious and fatal injury accident cases.