If you have ever driven by the aftermath of a rollover accident, you may have been shaken up by what you saw. Often, a vehicle that has rolled over is completely destroyed. Seeing a car with a crushed roof and realizing that someone was inside when it flipped is something you may not soon forget.

Because cars are such heavy objects, you may think that rollovers can only happen in extreme circumstances. While it is true that a vehicle can be flipped as the result of being broadsided at a high rate of speed, or by going down a steep decline, a car can also roll over with much less force.

Recently in Victorville, California, a woman had to be taken to the hospital with moderate injuries following a rollover crash. Reportedly, the woman was headed westbound down a road in a PT Cruiser while an Acura Integra was traveling eastbound on the same road. The vehicles sideswiped one another, which led to the PT Cruiser rolling over. The PT Cruiser came to a halt right side up.

There is no word on if anyone other than the woman was injured in the collision. Authorities at the scene could not immediately determine which driver may have been at fault. At the time of the report, the accident was under investigation.

It is unfortunate that the woman was injured in what was likely a very scary accident. Rollovers can cause some of the worst injuries imaginable, including lacerations, broken bones, brain injuries and spinal injuries. These kinds of injuries could require long-term or even lifelong care.

If you are ever in such a collision, you may want to have your own representatives carry out an investigation in an attempt to definitively demonstrate who was responsible. An experienced California motor vehicle accident attorney could help you prove liability and in turn work to get you appropriate compensation.