A rollover accident is an extremely traumatic event to endure. When a vehicle rolls, every part of an occupant’s body is vulnerable to suffer a serious injury, including the head. Let’s say you are in a rollover, and you and your fellow occupants are lucky enough to escape serious bodily injury, or so you believe. It is possible that one of you still may have suffered a head injury, but are not aware of it.

It is absolutely critical that anyone who suffers a head injury is given immediate medical attention. So what are some of the signs that should give you concern? According to information found on the National Institutes of Health’s website, anyone who exhibits the following symptoms after an accident may have suffered a head injury:

If you or someone you are with demonstrates any of these symptoms following a vehicle rollover, solicit medical treatment as soon as possible. If left unchecked, a treatable head injury could cause irreparable damage or even death.

In the aftermath of a rollover, it is critical that prompt medical care is administered. A serious head injury can leave a victim in need of long-term care. As such, if you or someone in your family has suffered a head injury due to an auto accident, you will likely need compensation to cover the costs.

A California personal injury attorney could work on your behalf by investigating the accident to determine liability. The attorney could also use medical records to determine the full scope of the costs for treatment. Once all the information is compiled, the attorney could pursue the available avenues for compensation.