California motorists are likely aware of the dangers posed on our roads by distracted or impaired drivers. Certainly these kinds of drivers are responsible for a good percentage of the state’s fatal motor vehicle accidents. But there is another kind of hazard that also wreaks havoc on our roads.

According to information found on the Federal Highway Administration’s website, weather-related events were involved in 17 percent of all fatal accidents occurring from 2002 to 2012. That 17 percent accounts for an average of over 6,250 fatalities every year.

A weather-related crash is defined as a crash occurring during adverse weather conditions and/or when the pavement is slick. In fact, according to the numbers, wet pavement and rain are far and away the two most dangerous road weather conditions. And while winter conditions with ice and snow may be treacherous, they represent a much smaller portion of fatal accidents.

What this data tells us is that all drivers should take great care when the roads get wet. A sudden shower can happen anytime, even in the sunshine state. While rain and other weather events may increase the risks of accidents, drivers can counteract some of these risks by slowing down and driving safely. To do otherwise could be considered negligent behavior.

Should a negligent driver cause a fatal accident, then the family of the deceased may have justification to seek compensation for funeral and other death-related expenses. If the person killed in the accident is also an important contributor to the family’s income, then the family may be able to seek compensation for the financial loss.

Should you lose a loved one due to the negligence of another motorist, a California wrongful death attorney may be able to provide representation to help you get the justice you and your family deserve.