If you’re over 40 and you find yourself wondering if there’s a rash of bad drivers on the road, you aren’t alone.

You’re also right — there really are some bad drivers on the roads these days, and most of them are Millennials aged 19 to 39.

According to a recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Millennials are willing to admit to a wide-range of risky behaviors behind the wheel:

— Texting while driving

— Running red-lights

— Exceeding the speed limit

Younger Millennials are particularly risky when it comes to driving. Many of those aged 19-24 believe that their behavior is actually acceptable and 88 percent readily admit to doing at least one of those three things in the last 30 days. A shocking 12 percent even think that it’s perfectly acceptable to exceed the speed limit in a school zone by as much as 10 miles per hour.

The statistics decline for those aged 25 to 39, but not by much. Only 79 percent of those drivers admit to one of the three risky behaviors listed within the last 30 days.

Of course, the younger generation may be taking it’s cues from their elders. While drivers aged 40 and above aren’t as risky as the youngest Millennials, they’re also not exactly “by the book” drivers, either. At least 60 percent of very age group, including those over 75, admitted to the same actions.

What’s causing the problem with the nation’s drivers? Why are so many drivers taking risks that they know they shouldn’t?

Some experts feel that the auto industry has been an enabler, making cars that are optimized for entertainment, rather than safe driving. Many suggest that it would be a more responsible action — and increase road safety drastically — if smartphones were automatically disabled while cars were in motion. That would help keep driver attention where it belongs: on the road.

In the meantime, if you want to avoid being part of the statistics — and avoid causing an accident — make sure to turn your phone off while you’re driving, watch for red lights and stay under the speed limit. If you end up in an accident anyhow because another driver didn’t follow the same advice, please visit our page to learn more about our firm’s approach to serious accidents involving negligent drivers.