If you have ever passed by the aftermath of a vehicle rollover accident on a California roadway, you may have found what you saw very distressing. Just a cursory view demonstrates how much damage a rollover can do to a vehicle. But of greater concern are the serious or even fatal injuries that victims of such accidents can suffer.

Obeying the rules of the road is the best way for drivers to avoid being in rollovers. As we have previously written on this blog, driving while intoxicated is one of the chief causes of rollover accidents. Drivers should never get behind the wheel while impaired. Doing so imperils not only others on the road, but also the passengers in their own vehicles.

Recently, the driver and nine other occupants of a Chevrolet Tahoe were injured when the vehicle left the road and rolled over multiple times. California Highway Patrol reported having arrested the driver, an 18-year-old man from Redding, on suspicion of felony DUI charges.

The occupants ranged in age from 16 to 25. It was reported that they suffered a variety of injuries. Several of the passengers were ejected from the vehicle.

Given the nature of the accident as described by CHP, it is very fortunate that none of the occupants were fatally injured. Drivers are responsible for their actions and if the passengers in their vehicles are injured due to negligent driving, those passengers may have cause to file civil suits for their injuries.

If you are ever injured in an accident that was due to the negligence of the driver of the vehicle in which you were riding, you may wish to speak to a California personal injury attorney. The attorney may be able to assess the situation and provide you with assistance in obtaining compensation.