The brain is a very complex and delicate organ of the human body. It is what controls our emotions, consciousness, sensation and movement. Trauma to the brain is considered highly dangerous because traumatic brain injury can have dire long-term effects.

In most cases, car accidents turn out to be fatal if the individual has a head injury. Brain injuries are often classified as traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury. Traumatic brain injury occurs when an external force is applied to the head. On the other hand, acquired brain injury is caused by non-trauma factors, such as tumors, stroke and low oxygen levels.

Traumatic brain injuries are more common in workplace accidents and personal injury cases. Skull fractures, contusions, concussions, penetrative and diffuse axonal injuries all come under traumatic brain injury. Concussions and contusions are more common than the others. They can be caused by direct impact trauma to the skull. In contrast to traumatic injury, acquired brain injury may not be caused by any external application of force. Types of acquired brain injury include anoxia and hypoxic brain injury.

The first thing to do after you have been in an accident is to seek medical attention. After that, you may want to consider contacting an experienced attorney to discuss your options. Treatment of brain injuries can be very costly. Since there are a variety of brain injuries, the injured person might not even realize that they could have a brain injury. This is why seeking medical care should be the top priority.