Experienced San Diego drivers are well aware of the potential dangers that can be found on California roadways. Driving defensively is a good way to decrease the likelihood of being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, sometimes events can transpire in such a way that you find yourself completely at the mercy of circumstances beyond your control.

Any time a truck driver loses control of their rig, everyone who is in its proximity is suddenly in grave danger. Any collision with a big rig could cause serious injuries and damage. And if during the course of an accident a truck rolls over, even more destruction may occur.

It has been reported that recently in Ventura, a semi-truck lost control when the driver was unable to negotiate a turn. The 60,000-pound vehicle rolled over and skidded into a nearby light pole. The truck’s cargo of empty celery boxes ended up spilling on to the road.

Happily, no injuries occurred due to this accident. However, the fact remains that an extremely heavy vehicle tipped over, slid and lost some of the material it had on board. It could have just as easily been a car or a pedestrian, rather than a light pole, which the truck hit. And instead of empty boxes, the cargo could have been some form of hazardous material that ended up on the road.

A truck accident can leave terrible damage in its wake. Victims of such collisions could suffer injuries to multiple parts of their bodies. They may even suffer brain damage, paralysis or other permanently debilitating injuries.

Care and treatment for truck crash-related injuries can be very expensive. If you or a member of your family is ever the victim of a serious collision, you may find the services of a California motor vehicle accident attorney of personal benefit. The attorney could provide representation and advice as you pursue compensation.