A recent accident in San Diego seems like a unique series of unbelievable events. While no people were seriously injured, truck accidents often cause serious injuries and claim lives.

According to NBC San Diego, a semi-truck accident resulted in a series of unexpected and disastrous consequences. The report indicates that around 9:00 p.m., the California Highway Patrol responded to an accident on Highway 94. Although just one vehicle was involved, the semi-truck accident affected more than just the driver.

The “big rig” truck was traveling from Potrero, when, according to the driver, he swerved to miss a deer in the roadway, resulting in his truck being flipped on its side. When the truck tipped, about 20 of the thousands of live chickens being transported, escaped from the truck and ran wild throughout the area. Animal Control responded to the scene, and attempted to gather up the chickens who escaped. The crash resulted in the truck catching on fire, leaving some chickens victim to the flames. A brush fire started nearby as well, which was subdued thanks to the efforts of a nearby fire department.

While no other people were injured in the accident, the driver was trapped in the truck when it flipped, and witnesses responding to the scene had to break the vehicle’s window to help him out of the burning truck.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has been involved in research to examine the causes of heavy truck incidents, and means for preventing rollover accidents. The NHTSA specifically evaluates the effectiveness of Electronic Stability Control systems, which are systems within the heavy truck itself that can automatically sense when a driver has lost control of the vehicle and can correct the issue without any input from the driver. The report explains that most often, a driver is unable to recognize a loss of vehicle control, until it is too late to correct it. The resulting rollover and “jackknife” crashes are responsible for two-thirds of all heavy truck occupant fatalities. In addition to fatalities, major road delays often result from rollover crashes.

The NHTSA has also conducted research into advanced braking technologies in heavy trucks. These include “air disc brakes, next-generation antilock breaks, electronically controlled braking systems,” and similar technologies to improve “stability control, collision mitigation, and adaptive cruise control.” The research indicates that certain improvements in medium and heavy trucks’ brake systems can reduce the stopping distance by about a third. While the research has not yet resulted in broad safety requirements for all heavy trucks, the NHTSA promotes such safety measures due to the potential for safety improvement for all on the road. While it has not been reported that the truck carrying the chickens had any specific or advanced stability or brake technology, it is undeniable that the prevention of just one heavy truck accident could save a life.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident, you deserve to have experienced legal counsel on your side, to lead you in the legal process and help seek the recovery you deserve.