Driving while distracted is a dangerous practice for any motorist, this is especially true for big rig truck drivers. There is simply very little room for error when operating a semi-truck. As such, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created very clear-cut regulations that truck drivers must follow when using mobile devices.

Simply put, while operating a semi-truck, a driver cannot push more than one key when making or ending a call or text. Moreover, drivers cannot read from, reach for, or hold on to a mobile device while operating a commercial truck.

If a truck driver is caught engaging in distracted driving, he or she could face a variety of penalties, including a fine as high as $2,750. For multiple offenses, a driver may be put out of service for a period of time, or even disqualified from driving. Trucking companies who require or allow their drivers to use mobile devices while driving could be fined as much as $11,000.

Most significantly, a distracted truck driver poses a grave danger to all others with whom he or she shares the road. Statistics from a study commissioned by the FMCSA tell us that odds of a truck driver being involved in an accident are 23 times greater when texting while driving.

The impact of a truck accident can be truly devastating and victims can be left with injuries that cause lifelong problems. Even those who fully recover from their injuries could lose time from work and be saddled with costly medical bills.

Victims of accidents caused by distracted or otherwise negligent truck drivers do have options when it comes to pursuing compensation. Seeking the advice and guidance of an experienced personal attorney could be the first step in getting fair recompense for a truck accident victim and his or her family.