Traveling near tractor-trailers can be intimidating for those riding in passenger cars. But a big rig truck can be even more frightening if it has cargo that is shifting or appears ready to spill onto the road. If a truck drops its load while traveling, a very serious accident could follow. Other vehicles on the road could be crushed by the truck’s contents or could slam into the debris.

When securing a truck’s cargo for travel, it is important that the correct devices and systems are used. Securement items can include synthetic webbing, steel strapping, wire rope, and chains. Additionally, there are laws requiring that all securement devices are up to the task of keeping cargo intact.

In order to keep cargo from moving, the force of a secured load cannot be in excess of the securement system’s breaking strength rating. Specifically, the devices or systems must remain stable and intact during the following situations:

When a truck driver or other responsible party fails to properly secure a truck’s cargo, the lives of all those who travel in that truck’s wake are placed in danger. If something should slip off of a flatbed or out of a trailer and onto a crowded highway, there may be no way for other vehicles to avoid a collision.

Negligent truck drivers and their companies should be held accountable if their failure to observe securement requirements cause injuries to others. If you are ever injured by fallen cargo from a truck and need compensation, you may wish to enlist the aid of a California truck accident attorney.