The naked eye can easily judge the kind of damage that a tractor-trailer could do if it were to strike a smaller passenger vehicle. But these big rigs pose potential dangers not only to those who are in their path, but to those who are traveling behind them as well.

Truck drivers must be sure that any load they are carrying is secure. Cargo that falls from the back of a tractor-trailer could end up crashing through the windshield of a trailing vehicle, causing a serious accident. Even if a dropped object simply lands on the road, it immediately becomes a dangerous obstacle with which drivers must contend.

Recently, the California Highway Patrol issued a report on an incident involving a tractor-trailer dropping material on to a highway. The mishap reportedly occurred on a southbound interstate. The fallen article is said to have been a sizable piece of metal.

As a result, around 20 other vehicles, including three tractor-trailers, ended up with flat tires after running over the metal road hazard. A CHP spokesman reported that no collisions occurred during the event.

Considering the number of vehicles involved, it is quite fortunate that there were no injuries reported. Having a tire blow out can easily cause a driver to lose control of a car. If the car is traveling fast enough, a high impact crash could result. Further, if that large object landed on a vehicle, there is no telling the degree of damage or injury it could have caused.

Falling cargo from the back of a tractor-trailer can spell trouble for other vehicles on the road. If you are ever seriously injured in an accident involving a big rig truck, you may wish to contact a California motor vehicle accident attorney.

The attorney could conduct an investigation of your accident to determine liability. The attorney then may be able to help you get compensation sufficient to your needs.