What started out as a fun excursion to a California casino ended in a devastating collision, leaving 13 people dead and 31 others injured. Reportedly, the accident occurred before dawn on the 10 Freeway near Palm Springs when a tour bus returning to Los Angeles, crashed into the back of a trailer on big rig truck.

On board the bus were passengers who had paid a bargain price to go on a junket to a casino located near the Salton Sea. It has been reported that 10 of the 13 dead were women and that the surviving victims were taken to one of three different hospitals, including a trauma unit.

The California Highway Patrol Border Division Chief said that he had never been to an accident scene with 13 victims. In fact, the crash is one of the deadliest in California history.

Local and federal investigators are left to piece together the exact cause of the crash. What is known is that company that ran the tour had only the one bus that crashed and that the driver was among the casualties. As of the writing of this post, officials were unsure if the driver was in some way negligent or if the bus experienced mechanical issues that led to the collision.

When a tragedy of this magnitude occurs, the survivors and the families of all the victims are left wondering what happened. These victims and their families are entitled to have answers. And while the local and federal investigators will no doubt do their level best to determine the incident’s cause, those who are connected to the accident may also want to seek the aid of an outside source to help them discover the truth.

And discovering the truth can be the role of an experienced California motor vehicle accident attorney. An attorney can solicit the aid of a number of sources to investigate the various aspects of an accident. The results of such investigations can help determine liability . In turn, victims and their family members will have the information they need to seek appropriate compensation, either by filing claims with insurance companies or filing lawsuits against the culpable party or parties.

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