Whether you are a tourist from out-of-town, or you are a resident curious about your hometown, a tour bus is a great way to quickly see the sites that a city has to offer. But companies that run these buses must always take care to see that their vehicles are in good running order and that their drivers are well trained and capable.

San Diego residents may very well have heard about an accident involving two double decker tour buses which took place in New York’s Time Square.

The accident happened when the first bus, driven by a 58-year-old driver, sideswiped another double decker bus as well as a GMC Yukon. The collision sent the first bus onto the sidewalk, where it knocked a traffic light pole to the ground. The accident was responsible for injuring at least 13 people. It was reported that at least one of the victims was seriously injured.

The driver was originally issued charges of driving while impaired. However, no signs of alcohol or drugs were present in his preliminary tests. As such, Manhattan prosecutors are opting not to file charges against the driver at the present time. A spokeswoman representing the office of the district attorney stated that a thorough investigation was underway and that a full toxicology report is pending.

According to a law enforcement official, the driver claims he experienced problems with the vehicle’s brakes. However, upon inspection, the bus did not appear to have any mechanical issues.

In a case like this, investigations carried out by law enforcement agencies are very important. However, those who suffered injuries in the accident could do well to have their own representatives examine the situation as well.

If you are ever involved in a bus accident that was caused by the negligence of a bus company or driver, you may be in need of financial compensation for any injuries you have suffered. A California accident attorney may be able to investigate the accident and find the various possible options for making claims of liability.