Because of the huge size disparity, a bicycle is simply no match for a city bus. Yet both must share the streets of San Diego. Recently, we posted an article about a fatal accident that took place in another city when a bus struck a bicyclist. It was the kind of accident that serves to remind us all just how vulnerable bicyclists are when riding in proximity to buses.

For this reason, bicyclists need to take their safety and well-being very seriously every time they saddle up and ride on the city streets. There are a number of things that bicyclists can do in order to decrease their chances of being struck by a bus, which include the following:

When riding your bicycle, you want to stay out of the path of buses on the road. But bus drivers also have a duty of care to watch out for all other traffic, including bicycles. They must also follow traffic laws, including laws pertaining to driving at the proper speeds for road and traffic conditions.

The impact of a moving bus could cause a bicycle to suffer serious or fatal injuries. If struck hard enough, the bicyclist will not only endure physical trauma from the bus, but from landing on the unforgiving pavement as well.

If you have been injured by a city bus, you likely are facing bills for medical treatment. A California personal injury attorney may be able to help you secure appropriate compensation for your recovery.