Train service was disrupted and automobile traffic slowed down in the Los Angeles area when a big-rig truck and box truck were involved in an accident on the freeway. Both truck drivers were injured in the crash, and one of them is reported to have been seriously injured. Police suspect a blown tire on the big-rig may have been the cause of the accident.

There are many reasons why a truck can experience a tire blowout, including things such as improper truck maintenance and road hazards. Though the exact cause of this particular accident is not known, it does raise the issue of how important it is for regular truck maintenance and inspections to take place. If the tire blew due to poor maintenance, it becomes about more than negligence–it then makes the truck and every load a hazard to everyone else on the road.

The big-rig in the trucking accident was hauling a farm tractor. That large, heavy piece of equipment could have also been a danger to others on the road when the truck’s tire blew out. It’s the domino effect that can follow what may be thought of as small things. Many people would not think of something such as an O-ring being a ‘big deal’ but O-ring failure caused the space shuttle disaster that killed all aboard. So it is in the world all around us–overlooking even ‘small things’ can cause a ripple effect that leads to bigger problems and dangerous conditions.

When people are injured in accidents, there is help available to assist in seeking compensation to cover their medical expenses and the other costs associated with the accident such as lost wages. A San Diego attorney may be able to help ease the burdens they may feel following the accident.