Many residents of San Diego are reliant on the city’s mass transit system to provide them with daily transportation. In order to keep the risks of accidents to a minimum, the bus and rail agencies must adhere to safety regulations. The Federal Transportation Administration is tasked with creating safety guidelines for mass transit agencies throughout the country. FTA Transit Safety and Oversight exists to help ensure that all forms of transit in the U.S. are as safe and secure as possible from a practical standpoint. By working with state leaders, the FTA wants to see that state safety oversight agencies are strong and well funded.

The authority granted to the FTA originated with a legislative proposal issued to Congress from President Obama. That proposal called for the establishment and enforcement of federal safety standards for systems of rail transit. Since that time, the FTA?s authority has been extended to include establishing safety standards for bus-only operators.

The FTA has a mandate allowing for the development of safety standards that will be applied uniformly across the country. These standards are being put in place as a means to provide safety for millions of citizens who utilize public transportation on a daily basis.

If an accident should occur due to the failure to follow these standards, the offending parties could be held liable. Victims of train or bus accidents can suffer serious injuries. These vehicles are so large that almost any collision could cause a great deal of damage.If you or a loved one are ever harmed due to the negligence of a bus or train company, you may wish to solicit the services of a California personal injury attorney. An investigation carried out by the attorney may reveal grounds for a civil suit.