One sign of a strengthening economy is an increased number of tractor-trailers on the road. This is especially true for a port city like San Diego. More truck traffic means more goods are leaving the port to be delivered to locations all over the country. All of this activity means more jobs and more shared prosperity.

Unfortunately, more big rigs on the roads could lead to more truck accidents. A truck driver’s livelihood is dependent on his or her ability to get from stop to stop in a timely manner. But tight schedules and rough road conditions can make this extremely challenging.

This winter has seen several major cold-weather events in many parts of the country. Snow, sleet and freezing rain turned major turnpikes into danger zones. Iced-over roads forced drivers to delay their travels. When such delays occur, deliveries are not making it to their destinations on schedule. Once road conditions improve, truck drivers are under pressure to make up for lost time.

In their desire to get caught up, truckers may decide to stretch the boundaries of their stamina by staying behind the wheel for extended periods of time. They may even feel it is worth the risk to forgo their mandatory rest stops. Such a decision could have fatal consequences.

A fatigued truck driver is a dangerous truck driver. Sleep deprivation can negatively impact a person?s ability to react quickly to a hazardous circumstance. A collision caused by a drowsy trucker will likely result in serious property damage. Worse yet, occupants of a vehicle struck by a tractor-trailer could suffer catastrophic injuries.

If you or someone you love is injured in an accident that may have been caused by at fatigued truck driver, you may wish to get in touch with the Frantz Law Group. You can read this page on our website to find out the specifics on how we represent plaintiffs in such cases.