Being a port city, San Diego gets more than its fair share of truck traffic. As such, many of the city’s motorists are already well aware of the degree of caution that should be exercised when sharing the roads with these extremely large vehicles.

There are many things that passenger car drivers can do in an effort to stay safe. For instance, it is always a good idea to avoid driving in a big rig’s blind spots. This can be accomplished by giving plenty of following distance when traveling behind trucks. Also, when driving beside a truck, if you can see the truck driver in the truck’s side view mirror, then the driver is able to see you as well.

While you as a driver have some ability to create safer driving conditions while on the road with trucks, there are some things that you simply cannot control. Truck drivers who are fatigued due to too many hours behind the wheel, or are taking prescription medications, may have their judgment and reflexes severely hampered.

A truck driver who is impaired may not be able to react properly to traffic conditions. A driver could begin to unknowingly drift in and out of his or her lane. Or the trucker may not stop quickly enough when traffic slows down or comes to a halt. This means that even your best efforts to stay safe may not be enough to keep you from being involved in a serious truck accident.

Those who are victims of truck collisions can suffer very serious, perhaps even fatal, injuries. The Frantz Law Group has experience serving clients whose lives have been impacted by truck accidents. We are always available to discuss your case.