San Diego bicycle enthusiasts have a lot to be happy about these days. This post is something of a follow up to a prior post on this blog where we recounted the tragic story of a bicyclist who was allegedly killed by a distracted driver.

At that time, we postulated that a perfect world would include a series of paths throughout California providing safe riding for all bicyclists. While that idea remains something of a pipe dream, the county of San Diego has a plan to make bike riding a safer experience for its residents and visitors.

In 2013, San Diego County approved $200 million worth of funding for the development of a variety of bike projects. The Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program is an initiative to create around 77 total miles worth of biking thoroughfares spread through 42 projects.

Government interest in this issue is due partially to the increased prominence of bicycle advocacy groups as well as the general public’s increased awareness of the health and environmental advantages of biking.

Many bicyclists may well be able to tell you that they have known about the benefits of riding for years and the rest of the world is finally starting to catch up. And while this plan is being embraced by bike advocates, the roads of San Diego will likely always hold potential for involvement in serious or fatal bike and motor vehicle accidents.

Bicyclists are extremely vulnerable when out and about in street traffic. Distracted and otherwise negligent drivers of cars, buses and semi trucks can all cause bike collisions. When a rider is hurled from his seat, only luck is preventing serious or even fatal injuries.

If you ever get in a bike accident due to the negligence of another party, you may be facing some very high medical expenses that can only be offset with some form of compensation. As such, you might consider acquiring the services of a California accident attorney who may provide you with needed representation.