All motor vehicle accidents are inherently frightening. Just the jarring effect of a minor fender bender at a stop light can send shock waves through your body and jangle your nerves. But some accidents are far worse regarding the physical and emotional trauma they can inflict.

As we have written on this blog, the rollover is the most fatal form of motor vehicle accident. This is because once a car begins to turn over, the driver and passengers are subjected to multiple impacts. Every rotation of the vehicle causes the victims to be thrust downward. As a result, they will receive repeated trauma to their entire body until the vehicle comes to a halt.

If the vehicle rolls onto its roof, it is possible for its entire weight to crush down on those inside. A victim could wind up suffering severe injuries to any part of their body, including their head and spine.

A rollover accident can leave in its wake victims whose lives have been changed irrevocably. They may end up having to have multiple surgeries leading to prolonged periods of recovery. It is also possible that the accident could leave them with permanent disabilities, requiring special care and treatment.

An investigation into why a rollover accident occurred can help determine liability. Additionally, an assessment of a victim’s medical expenses and future care needs is a recommended step. Once these things have been taken into account, it is possible to examine what may constitute proper compensation.

If you experience a rollover accident, a California accident attorney may be able to provide investigative and medical assessment services that could help establish an appropriate compensatory dollar amount. You can visit this firm’s page on motor vehicle accidents to learn about the specific services that are offered.