A fatigued driver attempting to operate a passenger bus in a driving rainstorm is certainly a frightening scenario. And sadly, if reports of a recent accident are accurate, then this is the very situation that played out on a California freeway with tragic results.

In San Jose, a Greyhound bus was traveling on Highway 101 in heavy rain when it crashed and overturned on a median barrier. Two women, ages 76 and 51 lost their lives in the crash, and several others suffered injuries.

Although the reason for the accident was not fully understood at the time of this posting, one passenger on the bus expressed the belief that the driver had fallen asleep. The passenger said that the driver had pulled the bus over before the crash and tried to revive himself, but that he had no energy.

The bus driver told authorities that he had not fallen asleep and that he remembered events just before the crash. However, the driver did admit to feeling fatigued while behind the wheel.

The Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team of the California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the accident, as is the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB lead investigator said that the investigation would look at such possible contributing factors as human error, road conditions and mechanical failure.

When a bus experiences a rollover, the lives of all its passengers are placed in serious jeopardy, as exemplified by the San Jose accident. And such accidents require investigations to reveal their cause and, in turn, determine liability.

If you or a family member is ever involved in a bus accident that may have been due to a driver’s negligence, you may want to have a California personal injury attorney represent your interest when pursuing compensation.