Driving on California roadways presents motorists with many challenges. It is typically best for motorists to drive defensively and try to anticipate any possible hazards. Sometimes a hazard may present itself with no real warning and a driver could have to react very quickly in an attempt to avoid catastrophe.

Making fast maneuvers can be extremely dangerous, especially when done at high speeds. Not only could a sudden maneuver result in a crash, but the vehicle could roll over.

Recently, the California Highway Patrol issued a report about a rollover accident on a highway that involved a plumber’s truck. According to a CHP Sergeant, the accident resulted when the plumbing truck’s driver swerved in an effort to avoid another vehicle that had made an unsafe lane change. The plumbing truck then struck the median and overturned.

Fortunately, the plumbing truck’s driver reportedly suffered only minor injuries. As of the writing of this post, an investigation into the crash was still underway.

The story demonstrates how easily a motorist can be embroiled in a rollover accident. Rollovers have the potential to leave victims with broken bones, brain injuries, lacerations and other catastrophic injuries. A rollover can even be fatal.

Injuries that rollover victims suffer can be life altering. Treatment and care for such injuries can be extremely expensive, and the recovery process could take weeks or even months. However, it is not only the victim who suffers. The victim’s family must also contend with the stress and expense, especially if the victim is a household breadwinner and unable work.

If someone in your family is injured in a vehicle rollover accident, a California personal injury attorney may be able to offer you assistance as you seek to secure compensation for your loved one’s misfortune. The attorney could perform an investigation to determine liability and work with insurance companies in an effort to get you the funds you need.