When we buy a car in this country, it’s with the assumption that the car’s manufacturer has run the vehicle through a host of safety tests to ensure it is safe for the road.

Unfortunately, carmakers sometimes cut corners and government supervision of manufacturers is sometimes not as careful as it could be, so vehicles occasionally end up on the road that are not as safe as one would hope. This can lead to rollover accidents, airbags that don’t deploy or cars that crumple with the slightest impact.

One California woman is dead after the sports car she was driving rolled. She was thrown from the vehicle as it was rolling. She was alone in the car, but the repercussions from the crash will likely ripple through her family as they struggle to come to grips with her untimely death.

Sadly, accidents like this one are fairly commonplace. When they occur, in order to get closure, families generally want to know what happened and whether it could have been prevented.

Among the things that it can be important to look into when it comes to rollover accidents is whether there was anything in particular about the involved vehicle that contributed to it rolling. Personal injury attorneys can investigate this. Sometimes, this involves employing collision experts, conducting a simulation of the wreck and delving into a vehicle’s safety track record. Such investigations could help undercover if there was any negligence by a car’s manufacturer when it comes to a particular vehicle’s safety and if any civil claims are a possibility.