Automobile accidents are an everyday occurrence throughout the United States. Causes can range from driver negligence to environmental hazards to mechanical problems. No matter the cause, however, the people involved are at risk of injury or even death. One such accident occurred recently, when four women were involved in a fatal rollover accident in California.

The incident, which involved a single vehicle, took place in San Bernardino last week. The vehicle, a Toyota Camry containing four women, is suspected to have been speeding. Officials suggest that the car lost control after swerving to move around the vehicle in front of it. It then plummeted 50 feet into a flood channel after breaking through the road’s guard rail.

It is unclear whether drugs or alcohol were at all involved in the incident. Three of the women died before being removed from the scene, while the fourth sustained critical injuries and later passed away in a hospital. No one else was harmed in the accident, but one of the victims is yet to be identified by the San Bernardino Coroner’s Office.

This incident in California is a sad reminder of the extent of the damage that can result from a serious car accident. The emotional and financial strain experienced by the families of those lost in fatal accidents is often severe. If you lose a loved one in this way, you may wish to seek compensation to help cover the related costs, particularly if the incident results from someone else’s negligent actions. By being aware of state laws and ensuring that the event is properly investigated, you can work toward receiving the support and remuneration you deserve.