California is renowned for its abundance of spectacular scenery. From its sunny, shimmering beaches to the snow-capped peaks of its mountain ranges, amazing sites abound. And of course, these landscapes provide wonderful photographic opportunities. But unfortunately, recent data indicate that far too many people are snapping pictures while driving, creating potential hazards for themselves and all other road users.

Often when people snap a picture, they want to share it with the world by posting it to the Internet via Instagram or Twitter. An insurance company surveyed those services by examining posts containing the hashtag #WhileDriving. The research revealed that California had the highest number of people posting pictures with the #WhileDriving hashtag.

Of course, taking pictures while operating a motor vehicle is yet another form of distracted driving. And drivers who take pictures and upload them to the Internet are considered “double distracted.”

In particular, these double distracted drivers are fond of taking pictures of clouds, sunsets and skies. And disturbingly, though not surprisingly, many selfies were also found tagged with #WhileDriving.

It’s all well and good to get a snapshot of a beautiful landscape, but it is never worth risking the lives of others. According to a government website, in 2014, 3,079 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers. This is in addition to 431,000 injuries also suffered in such crashes.

Losing a loved one in a distracted driving accident can devastate a family on so many levels. And while no amount of money could ever compensate for the emotional pain family members will endure, there are financial matters to consider.

To get appropriate compensation to cover such things as medical expenses, funeral expenses and pain and suffering, those who lost a loved one may wish to seek the representation of a California personal injury attorney. The attorney can assess your situation and help you pursue a fair settlement.