As most locals know, the rainfall that comes with the cooler months in San Diego can lead to increased dangers on our roadways. However, a catastrophic incident such as a rollover accident can happen to anyone of us, whether driving a short distance to the store or across country on a trip. The physical and emotional trauma that can occur from such an accident can be earth-shattering. The despair that sets in after the accident can be just as unsettling. Unexpected medical bills and pain and suffering can easily create chaos and disrupt the lives of any family.

In another state, an officer who was off-duty suffered a serious injury in a rollover accident but has since been listed as being in stable condition. The police officer was driving his personal automobile when the accident occurred. The car accident partially blocked the road. The driver was trapped in his vehicle, and had to use his radio to call for assistance. An emergency team removed the man, and brought him to a medical center for treatment.

It has not yet been determined what caused the crash. It was reported that heavy rain was falling at the time of the crash.

Although this accident occurred in Tennessee, it demonstrates to San Diego residents that vehicle rollovers can happen at any time and anywhere. San Diego residents must know their rights when they are injured. Victims and their families should not have to suffer the effects of a catastrophic accident without being compensated justly.