Vehicle rollovers have increasingly become a primary source of concern across various States in the U.S. In San Diego, California, pundits, the Police Department, and medical practitioners have voiced grave concerns over the rising cases of vehicle rollover accidents arising from high-up motor vehicles such as SUVs and vans. Based on verified statistics, an estimated 10,000 Americans have lost their lives through a rollover accident. When you think of the dangers of rollovers, two vital instances define how people instantly lose lives: the initial crash can immediately kill you, or the rollover can be fatal as well.

In the first scenario, the center of gravity primarily contributes to the rollover based on a pre-determined ratio. In simpler terms, the higher the center of gravity, the higher the chances a rollover will occur. Secondly, the roof strength also plays a vital role in the outcome. Vehicles with durable roof strength can support the car while tipped over. On the other hand, cars with fragile roof strength are less likely to support such substantial weights over long periods of time.

The Institute for Highway Safety recently conducted an intensive test on the roof strength of several SUVs. Based on the results, it was discovered that durable SUVs possessed twice the minimum strength for federal safety standards. This essentially means that tested vehicles successfully supported their weights within a timed period. The average rating entailed cars that failed to exceed federal guidelines while the poor rating consisted of SUVs with a successful record of the specified tests.

A vehicle rollover accident can adversely affect your life in an infinite number of ways. Apart from the serious injuries you are likely to sustain, covering medical expenses becomes the least of your worries at the moment. Seeking compensation for lost wages and catering for medical expenses can take a turn for the worst in the absence of irrefutable evidence. With the Justice Department, the better defense strategy carries the day compared to ethical and moral principles. Alternatively, a negligent car manufacturer can also be indicted for placing unsafe vehicles into the hands of customers. Such behavior speaks volumes about the incompetence exhibited by careless manufacturers.

If you have been involved in a rollover accident, don’t hesitate to call an experienced attorney in California for legal guidance.