Of all those who travel on California highways, motorcyclists may be the most vulnerable. Motorcycle riders have less physical protection than their counterparts in automobiles. At any moment, they could be in accidents caused by distracted drivers or objects on the road. And a rider can be placed in very grave danger if he or she becomes the target of aggressive driving or road rage.

Recently on a San Diego highway, a U.S. Navy chief petty officer lost his life when the motorcycle he was riding was allegedly struck by a woman who was driving a Nissan Altima. Not long after the incident, the Navy officer died at a hospital. Officials say the Navy officer and the woman had engaged in some sort of dispute while on the road.

California Highway Patrol officials say that the woman hit the motorcycle on purpose, running the Navy officer over in the process. The woman was subsequently arrested for one count of murder. Her bail was set at $1 million. Investigators are describing the alleged incident as a case of road rage.

This story demonstrates the potential dangers faced by motorcycle riders on a daily basis. It takes only a nudge from an aggressive or distracted driver to send a motorcyclist flying from his or her seat and hurdling toward another vehicle or the hard pavement.

Victims of motorcycle accidents can suffer some of the most serious injuries imaginable. Brain injuries, spinal injuries and broken bones can all require long-term treatment. If you are ever in a motorcycle accident, a California personal injury attorney may be able to help you secure compensation for your medical expenses.