When they occur, train accidents can have incredibly devastating effects. Trains are heavy, lumbering vehicles that cannot readily come to a halt. Any pedestrians or passengers in a vehicle caught in a train’s path are facing potentially catastrophic injuries.

On this blog, we recently discussed steps you can take to avoid injury when your car or truck is stalled on the railroad tracks with a train approaching. California Operation Lifesaver is a nonprofit program that has as its goal to give the public similar information in an effort to prevent train accident tragedies.

As a means of spreading their message, CAOL is urging people to “Look. Listen. Live.” In doing this, the organization sends volunteers into California communities to communicate with school children, members of law enforcement agencies, those who drive for a living, first responders and other groups.

CAOL uses a variety of methods to spread its message. Their volunteers give presentations and hold events. In conjunction with the California Office of Traffic Safety, CAOL produced a video called “Always Expect A Train,” which is used by some driving schools and is viewable online.

Certainly, the efforts put forth by CAOL and their volunteers are laudable. A car-train or pedestrian-train accident can leave victims with injuries that may never completely heal. Care and treatment for such injuries can generate astronomical medical expenses. Further, victims may be faced with lifelong physical and emotional issues requiring ongoing treatment.

When such an accident occurs, a thorough investigation is often necessary to determine liability. Additionally, an assessment of a victim’s present and future care needs will help determine the level of financial support they will now require.

A California train accident attorney may be of service in both of these areas. The attorney could provide representation in dealing with insurance companies when attempting to secure compensation. If a liability lawsuit is deemed advisable, the attorney may possibly help you move forward with that as well.