A gas leak since October has caused thousands to relocate and even schools to shut down in the Porter Ranch area.

The Holiday Season is here and as many as 2,000 residents of Porter Ranch have had to relocate from their homes. This has all been due to what some are calling a hazardous gas cloud. What began as a gas leak at Southern California Gas Company, Inc.’s Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility has now turned into a massive gas cloud. Infrared cameras have actually recorded images of this gas cloud hovering mainly over the Porter Ranch area. Residents fear this contamination could be causing serious health risks to families throughout the area.

An estimated 1,200 tons of methane gas has been leaking every day since October. The leak will likely not be contained until March. So far, in addition to the residents relocating in both Porter Ranch and Aliso Canyon, two schools have had to close. Almost 1,900 students and staff have had to relocate to another area for the time being. With no immediate end in sight for families, the worry and concern over the potential health hazards from the gas cloud is growing with increasing tension.

Potentially harmful health repercussions for residents

Until findings are released by government agencies that have been enlisted to determine any health implications the Porter Ranch gas cloud has had on those exposed (and for those exposed for longer periods of time), residents are left with few answers. Many are complaining of headaches, nausea, vomiting and even nose bleeds. Reports of household pets becoming ill from the gas leak are only adding to the growing alarm.

While Southern California Gas Co. has paid for relocation of families, they have yet to actually shut down any major operations. In addition to health hazards, local businesses are also feeling the burn. Residents are also worried the gas leak and cloud could mean depreciation of property values.

A dire situation: FAA declares no fly zone over area

The situation has become so dangerous in Porter Ranch that the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) has issued a no-fly zone over the gas cloud region. The reason behind this declaration being the risk of gas plumes igniting. The no fly zone order will last until March and includes any flights within a half mile radius.

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