The number of passenger vehicles in the U.S. continues to rise. This may result in an increase in car crashes and fatal accidents. Car accidents can be fatal especially when larger vehicles like trucks are also involved. In several cases, accidents take place because one of the drivers involved is distracted. The distraction could be due to intoxication, cell phones or simple negligence on their part. It is important to understand how the law deals with such terrible incidents.

Since a precious life is lost in fatal car accidents, the litigation and lawsuits may be complicated and go on for a long time. The driver who is guilty of negligence could receive severe punishment. Evidence is collected from the scene of the incident by forensic experts and presented during legal proceedings to help the judge reach a verdict. Forensics teams may look for any evidence of intoxicating drugs on the scene of the crime. If drugs are found, it could lead to severe ramifications for the driver who was using them.

Drivers involved in fatal car accidents often face manslaughter charges. Manslaughter is the killing of another person without intention. If the prosecution is able to prove that the driver was negligent or intoxicated while on the road, the manslaughter charge could be proven. Fatal car accidents that are conducted with the intention to kill another person are dealt with differently, and the defendant might be charged with first or second-degree murder.

If someone you care about lost his or her life in a fatal car accident, it is advisable to contact an experienced attorney. The attorney will assist you in prosecuting the other driver, and might be able to get you compensation as well.