When San Diego citizens want to get around town without using a car, they have a couple of attractive, affordable alternatives. Some like to take advantage of the city’s public transportation system and ride the bus. Others prefer to hop on their bicycles and pedal to their destinations. But there are times when bicyclists may want to transport both themselves and their bicycles on a bus.

Every bus that is part of San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System is outfitted with a rack that can accommodate as many as two bicycles that have standard sized tires. In order to avoid accidents, it is important to get your bike on and off the rack safely. MTS offers the following tips for those who want to take their bicycle on the bus:

Those on bicycles are extremely vulnerable when riding in the vicinity of buses. Buses can have blind spots that make it difficult for drivers to see if a bicyclist is nearby. Bicycles are also smaller than cars, making them less visible. This is why it is so important for both bus drivers and bicyclists to be aware of one another.

If a bus even lightly collides with a bicycle, the rider can be thrown hard to the ground or even into oncoming traffic. Such an accident could cause a victim to suffer very serious injuries.

If you are injured by a bus while at a stop or in traffic, a California personal injury attorney could possibly help you secure compensation for your medical expenses.