In 2013, pedestrians represented 54 out of all 196 vehicular fatalities in San Diego County.

The temperate climate and beautiful scenery of San Diego County makes it an ideal place to be outside much of the time. However, the climate cannot eliminate the serious risks that pedestrians face every time they set out on foot. Pedestrian accidents caused by negligent motorists happen all too often, leaving innocent victims and their loved ones suffering unnecessarily.

Recent stories show the risk

Local news media stories provide a glimpse into the realities of being a pedestrian in San Diego. These include the following:

Auto accidents involving pedestrians can be caused by many factors. Drivers may be distracted, impaired or simply reckless. No matter the cause, the effects on pedestrians and loved ones is severe.

Statistics confirm the realities

Throughout California, 3000 people died in motor vehicle accidents in 2013. Of those deaths, 701 were pedestrians. This information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration begins to illustrate the true risks that pedestrians face.

More detailed information by county shows that only two counties had more pedestrian deaths than San Diego County where 54 out of 196 vehicular fatalities were pedestrians. In Orange County, 55 pedestrians died and another 191 pedestrians lost their lives in Los Angeles County.

Pedestrian rights matter

Whether walking through a grocery store parking lot or out for a morning jog, pedestrians’ rights are important. When following traffic rules and signals and other safety precautions such as wearing brightly colored items fail to prevent a pedestrian accident, victims or their surviving family members should seek the assistance of an attorney.