As we get older, it may become less feasible to drive a car to get around. Still, everyone wants to maintain their independence and be free to get out and about. One excellent way for seniors to travel around town is to utilize San Diego’s bus system. The bus offers many advantages for older citizens. Once on board, you can read or simply enjoy the scenery as someone else takes on the driving chores.

However, buses are very large vehicles and often the drivers are not able to see everything in their proximity. Such a situation can prove quite dangerous to those who do not look out for themselves. But what sorts of things can an older individual do to be safe when near or on a bus?

Here are some suggestions for seniors that can make for safer bus travel.

It is always a good idea to take the proper precautions to avoid accidents when riding the bus. But above all, bus drivers must always pay close attention to pedestrians. This can be especially true in regard to those who are older and may not be able to quickly dodge a moving bus. Just a nudge from such a large vehicle could cause serious or even fatal injuries to an older person.

If you, or a senior in your family, have come to harm due to a negligent bus driver, you may end up with insurmountable medical expenses. In order to receive recompense for injuries caused by the accident, you may think about contacting a California motor vehicle accident attorney. The attorney could expedite an investigation, the results of which may aid in the securing of compensation.