Taking a hard tumble can be a frightening and even painful experience. But being in your car when it takes a tumble can be fatal. An automobile is a heavy object made of metal, plastic and glass. All of these hard materials can cause the human body extreme trauma in a rollover situation.

Previously on this blog, we discussed steps you can take to decrease the chances of having your car rollover. In that particular post, one of the tips offered was to avoid driving on tires that are in bad condition or are not properly inflated. This makes sense because well-maintained tires are important for keeping your car under control.

It would also stand to reason that you would want to have tires that have the strongest possible grip on the road to prevent a rollover, right? Well, interestingly, an article published by Consumer Reports says this is not the case. You see, if your tires have too much grip and you start to sway sideways, excessive force could build to the point of flipping your vehicle over. This means that losing some of your lateral grip could actually allow your car to slide rather than tip over.

This has led car companies to outfit SUVs with tires that do not grip so tightly to the road. But employing this cheap solution means that the tires may not have the traction necessary to provide the safest possible driving experience.

Auto manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that the cars they sell and put on the road are as safe as possible. If a model of vehicle has the potential to flip over without much provocation, then that model should be redesigned to be safe and roadworthy. Taking shortcuts to cover up a problem places drivers and passengers in danger of being seriously injured.

If you are ever injured due to the negligence of a car manufacturer, acquiring the services of an attorney could prove beneficial. Challenging a large corporation could prove very daunting. An attorney, who can carry out a thorough investigation of your accident, may help provide the evidence you need for a satisfactory outcome.