When we talk about fatal car accidents on this blog, it’s typically about a negligent driver who made a wrong move on the road or was driving under the influence of some drug or alcohol. However, it’s not always the driver who’s at fault.

Consider the following case, which took place in California back in 2012. On a day in late August, a man was driving his Infiniti SUV when it slammed into a van carrying a mother, a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old. All three died in the crash and the man has been living with the consequences ever since.

He spent one month in the hospital before learning that he would be facing charges of vehicular manslaughter. Then the family of those killed in the car accident hit him with a wrongful death lawsuit. Throughout the ordeal, he maintained that he tried to stop, but was unable to because his brakes gave out. He fought the charges for four years and finally, in 2016, he was exonerated. The reason? It was found that the car’s brakes were indeed faulty.

Now, the family of the mother who was killed and the driver of the Infiniti have joined together in a class-action lawsuit against Nissan, the owner of Infinity.

A case like this one is a great reminder that, even if another driver wasn’t at fault, there may still be negligence involved. So, whether it’s faulty manufacturing or a reckless driver, if you’re involved in a crash, it may be a good idea to speak with an attorney.

Source: nbslosangeles.com, “Driver Exonerated in Deadly Faulty Brakes Crash,” John Cadiz Klemack, December 12, 2016.