Great weather and beautiful scenery make California a terrific state for bicycle riding. Couple this with the fact that there are so many Californians who are concerned about both the environment and physical fitness, and it is easy to understand why bicycling is a very popular form of transportation throughout the state.

Unfortunately, California is statistically one of the most dangerous states in the country in which to ride a bike. In 2013, there were 141 bicyclist fatalities in California. That number accounted for almost 5 percent of traffic deaths reported throughout the state for that year while the national average for such accidents is only 2 percent.

One can only conjecture as to why this percentage is so much higher in California. One thing does seem certain; the state’s motorists need to take care when driving in proximity to bicyclists. This means that drivers should be willing to share the road with bicycle riders. To that end, California law now requires that motor vehicles allow a minimum of 3 feet of space when passing bicycles.

Bicyclists are physically vulnerable when riding on the roads with motor vehicles. A collision with a car or truck, even at a low rate of speed, could leave a bicyclist with life-altering injuries. As the above-cited statistics bear out, all too often, bicyclists die as the result of accidents.

If you lost a loved one in a fatal automobile-bicycle accident that was due to the negligence of a driver, then a California personal injury attorney may be able to help you hold the responsible party accountable. It can be exceedingly difficult to deal with legal matters during such a difficult time, an attorney could take on the burden of pursuing the recompense you need to lighten your financial burdens.