Many San Diegans may have heard that California could experience a very wet winter courtesy of a weather pattern known as El Nino. This year’s El Nino could possibly bring severe storms to the state. Given the circumstances, we thought it would be a good time to reiterate the fact that inclement weather can greatly impact traffic safety.

As we previously pointed out on this blog, weather has been counted as a significant factor in thousands of fatal motor vehicle accidents. And statistically speaking, rain and wet surfaces are contributing factors in the majority of those fatal accidents.

As we enter a potentially dangerous period on California roadways, all drivers need to remember that when the rain starts falling, it’s time to slow down and drive in a way that accommodates the slick roads and decreased visibility.

Unfortunately, not every motorist is willing to take the precautions necessary for safe wet weather driving. Some people may feel that their vehicles will not be seriously affected by the rain. Others are simply in such a hurry that they are willing to risk their lives and the lives of others on the road. Any motorist who fails to adjust his or her driving in accordance to the weather and road conditions is acting in a willfully negligent manner and could easily cause a serious or even fatal accident.

If you or family member has suffered catastrophic injuries due to the acts of a negligent driver, we at the Frantz Law Group may be able to help you get compensation. You can read on this website about our approach to handling such cases as well as how we have successfully helped others seek justice.